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Kenny Dew-It and Tod Dah! Combine their magic talents of comedy and illusions to give you a variety in entertainment.

Creating a variety of magic, Kenny Dew It and Tod Dah! defy the laws of physics. From flowing beautiful silks to the clanging of chains and locks, the journey begins as audience members participate in a show not soon to be forgotten. Disappearances, levitation, and appearing objects are just some of the hallmarks of things to come. Flames, swords, and ropes taunt the audience as this duo continues a show that will mystify. With surprise appearances of oddball characters… Don’t blink or you might miss the greatest opportunity to laugh, cry, or just have a good time.

The Illusionists
  • Kids
    The true secret behind Kenny Dew-it's success.
  • Kenny Dew-it!
    Kenny Dew-it!
    Kenny Dew-it can make a skyscraper disappear.
  • Tod-Dah!
    Tod-Dah can levitate while juggling chainsaws.
  • Domino
    Domino makes Houdini look like a mere bunny.